Remember your magnificence 愛することの意味

Hope you have started your golden week smoothly. Please be gentle with your spirit and take all of your time to rest. Find time to reflect yourself. That will take you to the good place and give you strength in your life.
Todays message……
Please do you be a people’s pleaser. Love yourself unconditionally..this is the start of everything.
Enhance your spirit, this is the only way to attain higher consciousness.
If you attain higher consciousness, nothing goes wrong anymore, you will start attracting the right things and people.
Attaining higher consciousness means to learn/realize/experience how magnificent you are(who you really are) and stay connected with the source energy. My way is meditation and study about it. In daily life I try to practice to stay connected with the source energy.
The source energy is the unconditional love. We are the beings of the unconditional love. We need to realize the unconditional love in ourself and accept ourself. We are already complete.
All confusion comes from fear. Do not deny fear. Do not deny confusion. Do you deny negativity. Do not deny love. The more we deny the more we suppress ourself and become the slave of it. Those emotions are part of human nature.
Freedom of your spirit is only possible by enhancing our spirit; we could stay connected with the source energy, the place where good and bad no more exist. This is the only way to overcome fear and negativity ultimately. Then nothing goes wrong in our life anymore.
Written after the breakfast on my terrace…have a wonderful day!!!!
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