Enriched life…豊かな人生へ

This morning I woke up with a rare surprise by an inspirational email from an acquaintance in England. It was very short only saying, “Treat yourself a potted flower from the garden center to make you smile.”
It sounded like a word of heaven and I right away drove to the flower center and bought a pot of yellow roses. I started the day with nice breakfast on my beautiful terrace, and was watching the beautiful roses with so much appreciation…
I was glancing the flowers for a long time and smiled as I experienced the unconditional love that gave me so much strength
My daily life is filled by miracles now by lot of rich surprises, nice people or nice things happen on the right time that give me often many messages when I need them, as if I am very protected and guided by the invisible force.
What is unconditional love? It is often misused and do you really understand the real meaning of it?
This is the ultimate goal that we need to be or experience that starts within us.
Today I want you to think about with me.
with gratitude…

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