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    SJSK K.K. was established at the German School in 1992.
    We offer Japanese lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced students; a kanji course, preparation courses for the Japanese Language Proficiency Certificate examination for foreigners, a crash course and business Japanese. Intermediate and advanced courses are designed to meet the goals and interests of each group. 98% of all the attendants of the preparation courses for the Japanese Language Proficiency Certificate examination for foreigners have successfully passed the tests. Additionally, workshops about Japanese culture are offered twice a year in German. These workshops include Japanese manners; optionally offered are ikebana, tea ceremony, Japanese cooking, and many more. This enables our students to deepen their understanding and explore some of the exotic traditions of Japan.

    A party for new students in September and a Sayonara party in June provide opportunities for the seminar members to mingle with their fellow students. Family daytrips to historical sites in Autumn and Spring offer everyone to appreciate the magnificent beauty of Japanese nature. One specialty of our Seminar is an intercultural training program which complements the regular courses. In this program handling daily life situations in Japan are conveniently introduced and trained. We provide guidance, not only within the program, but also by teaching survival skills and know-how in daily life.

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    >>詳細 (ドイツ語)
    >> 場所: 東京横浜ドイツ学園
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